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What We Do

Friends of the Riverwalk is a nonprofit organization working in partnership with the City of Tampa to develop, activate and promote Tampa's downtown waterfront.  Our goals are to connect the downtown riverfront parks, museums, attractions and businesses while supporting further expansion and development of the Riverwalk, creating an inviting outdoor destination and building a stronger sense of community. Membership is available.

Want to see more of the Tampa Riverwalk?

Use button below to see a stylized 3D model of downtown. Great to show proximity and scale of Tampa Bay and to understand the scope, walkability, and offerings of downtown. Platform was designed by Tampa Bay-based Imerza.

  • Jill Witecki, Tampa Theatre, Vice President, Director of Marketing
    Jill Witecki, Tampa Theatre, Vice President, Director of Marketing

    “I began working downtown 10 years ago when the neighborhood looked quite a bit different. Curtis Hixon Park (as it stands now) was brand new. Water Works Park didn’t exist. Channelside’s back was turned on the waterfront. The Riverwalk was not yet complete. But things were growing and changing, and there was an undeniable energy and momentum to it. In the decade since, Tampa has learned how to be a riverfront city, and Friends of the Riverwalk has been an important part of that education. Rare is the weekend now that the Riverwalk isn’t activated by one of the Friends’ signature annual events, or by one of the many partners who advertise in their Tampa Attractions Brochure. And whether you’re out for a morning jog or sunset stroll, it’s impossible to explore those 2.6 beautiful miles without seeing their banners overhead, the paver messages underfoot, and those specialty to-go cups. Tampa Theatre is proud to witness the good work Friends of the Riverwalk is doing and partner with them in celebrating what makes Tampa so special.”

Tampa Riverwalk named 1 of the 15 best in the United States!

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Our Impact This Year

The Tampa Riverwalk provided much-needed respite for many during 2020 with an outdoor open area for individuals to enjoy and exercise.  We were proud to provide a safe place for mental and physical wellbeing.  We honored our mission by activating the Riverwalk with safe outdoor socially distanced events including mobile-based scavenger hunts, boat parades and holiday lights galore!  We will continue to safely activate the Riverwalk and look forward to providing free family-friendly events to residents and visitors.      

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