Halloween Hunt - FAQ's

A virtual scavenger hunt along the Tampa Riverwalk

Riverwalk Halloween Hunt Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to participate in this hunt?

You will need to download the Mobile Adventures app onto your phone in order to participate in this hunt.  Use a recommended device from this list to ensure the game works properly.  You will need a device that is using iOS Version 11 and above or Android Version 4.4 and above.  You will need a good Wi-Fi signal to load the app onto your phone.  Make sure you allow access to your camera during the download.  If you don’t you won’t be able to take the photos in the hunt.

Why can’t I download the Mobile Adventures app or get it to open?

If the Mobile Adventures app won’t open, you do not have one of the recommended devices.  Check to see if someone else in your family has one of the recommended devices and play on that.

Why can’t I scan the QR Code?

You may not have allowed the app access to your camera.  You will need to check that it can have access.  Check the settings area of your phone to look at the settings for the app.  Make sure the allow microphone and camera are allowed.  You will also need the app to allow location services as that is the only way you will see and have the opportunity to open the challenges.  If you can’t find the settings on your phone, delete the app and reload it.  When it prompts you to allow microphone, photos and location, say yes to all.

The QR Code still won’t work.  What do I do now? 

You need to have the Mobile Adventures app loaded on your phone for the QR Code to work.  If you are in the app, at times, the QR code won’t work as the download for the game.  If that is the case when you try it, enter this access code instead:  584140145892.

The QR Code worked, but the game won’t download.  What happened?

You need a strong Wi-Fi signal to download the app.  If you are at the Riverwalk try going to a location that has WiFi and download it there rather than using your cellular signal.  Do not let your phone go to sleep during the download or it won’t fully load onto your phone.

I still can’t get into the game.  Why?

Ensure you took your selfie and entered your team name.  You will need to do those two things before you join the game.  Once you have done that, hit Join Game.   You must hit the space that says team name to enter the name within that square.

What do I need to be successful on the hunt?

  1. Load the app onto your phone before you head out to the hunt if you have the time.
  2. Make sure your device is fully charged.
  3. Bring an extra battery source, if you have one.
  4. Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  5. Bring a pen/pencil and paper with you as some clues require you to write information down in order to solve them.
  6. Turn your volume all the way up to hear the sounds in the game.

How can I get the GPS hotspots to open up?

Go to the location specified on the map.  When you get close to the spot, the challenge should open up.  If it doesn’t right away, keep walking around the area until it does.  Phones act differently when it comes to GPS hotspots.  If they still don’t open, make sure you have location services clicked on in the app.  This can be found in your phone’s settings under the Mobile Adventures app.  Also, ensure you have location services enabled on your own device settings.

Why can’t I take photos?  I know I allowed them when I downloaded the app.

Make sure you tap the photo icon to take the photo for the challenge.  Check the settings once again to make sure allow photos is on.  If it still won’t work, check your memory.  You may have reached capacity so your phone will not allow any more photos or videos.  If it still doesn’t work and you have checked both of those things, hard close and reopen the app.

The app froze, now what do I do?

Hard close and reopen the app.

Do I have to do the challenges in any specific order?

You can start anywhere on the Riverwalk that you wish.  There is no specified order in the tasks.

I want to do the hunt over a couple of visits.  How do I do that?

The hunt will stay live on your device unless you go to Settings – Leave Game on the dropdown menu.  If you do close the game, make a note of your rejoin pin so you can join back in at the same place you left off.  The rejoin pin can be found in Settings in the game.  Follow the instructions in the next step to rejoin the game.

How do I rejoin if I want to continue to do the hunt? 

Do NOT enter the rejoin pin in where you can input the access code.  If you want to rejoin the game where you left off, you will need to 1) rescan the game QR code or enter the access code, 2) wait until the game says “finished loading” (do not take a selfie), 3) press the cog in the top right corner, 4) choose “enter rejoin pin,” and 5) enter the rejoin pin number you got when you left the game.

What if I don’t remember my rejoin pin? 

Send an email to jane@mastersofthehunt.com and let her know your team name.  She can send you the rejoin pin.  Please allow a couple of hours for a response.

Do I have to post my photos to social media?

You do not have to post your photos to social media.

I finished the hunt, but I didn’t get a finish message.  Why?

If you have any tasks open in the taskbar, the hunt is not truly finished.  Close those out.

How do I know if I won?

You will be contacted after the hunt ends which is on November 1, 2020.

How long will the hunt take?

The event will take between 3-4 hours not including stopping for breaks.  The Riverwalk is 2.6 miles long.  The hotspots are located along the Riverwalk as well as some locations in downtown and Channelside.

I need help.  Who can I contact? 

Technical assistance is available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm via email jane@mastersofthehunt.com.